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At BookYourlifeStyle we support an active and healthy lifestyle – especially for you new mums.

We know the struggle many women can face with their post baby body. It can be incredibly challenging to shift the weight you gained during pregnancy, and with a new little one to care for it can sometimes be difficult to put your own health and well-being first.

 We know time can be a problem, and so of course when you are dedicating the little time you have to getting fit and healthy, you want to know that what you are doing is going to deliver results. This is why we would like to highlight the great work at Yummy Tummies, a new business created by one of our London Personal Training suppliers Lyndon Littlefair, who has put together five proven ways to help you get back to your pre-baby weight…

The Five Essential Tips to Reclaim Your Body After Having a Baby…

1 Drink More Water

Being well hydrated when trying to shift the baby weight is key. This helps with the healing process the body needs to go through after giving birth, and ensures the body is hydrated enough to be healthy and carry out all its regular functions well. If you are breastfeeding you will require up to half a litre more per day.

2 Time to Ditch the Junk

Nutrition can be as complex an area as you make it but the simplest thing is to decrease the amount of junk you are consuming and increase the amount of fresh, single ingredient foods that you eat. If it comes in a packet and is already prepared, then it is best to think again.

 3 Re-establish Pelvic Floor Control

This is key to establishing the foundations for any exercise that follows. The pelvic floor muscles integrate with all of the deep Abdominals to provide valuable strength and control of the pelvis and lower back.

4 Get Moving!

Once you have built some good pelvic floor control then you need to move to allow the abdominals to strengthen in lots of different planes of movement.

5 Finally… Strengthen, your Body Needs it

With a new born baby, you will be lifting and carrying and holding your little one pretty much most of the day. This can be pretty damn tiring and create all sorts of problems if the body is not strong enough to do so. So we need to make sure that you are strong enough to cope with all of this lifting.

These simple tips are easy to incorporate into your day to day life, without having to physically take much time out. It’s important to be conscious of your decisions, actively ensuring you are drinking enough water, eating well and fitting in exercise when you can.

Yummy Tummies we can help you get back into fantastic shape, using methods that are proven to work and specifically tailored to women who have recently given birth and with new bundles of joy to take care of. For more information and to contact Lyndon visit