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Recently we asked several of London’s Top Personal trainers for a professionals view on an easy to follow, virtually free, challenging workout plan you can do in the comfort of your own home.

We think theres some great stuff in here. Do let us know how you get on.

ABSolutely Perfect!  Perfect abs in just 5 minutes a day!

Abs workout that can be done quickly and effectively in the comfort of your own home.  

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Do this!

Plank Rotation

  • Assume standard plank position, lift right leg – hold for 30 seconds.
  • Without dropping right leg, rotate into side plank leaving planted left leg on the ground, keep right leg in the air – hold for 30 seconds.
  • Rotate back into standard plank position, lift left leg – hold for 30 seconds.
  • Without dropping left leg, rotate into side plank leaving planted right leg on the ground, keep left air in the air – hold for 30 seconds.

Abs Circuit –

  • Basic Crunch- 3 sets of 25
  • Cycle Opposite Knee to Elbow – 2 sets of 20
  • Leg KickUps (raise legs vertically to ceiling with hands supporting lower back and pulse) – 3 sets of 25
  • Jacknife (lie flat on floor with arms extended above head, raise legs and arms at the same time to form a “V”) – 3 sets of  12

How often: 1 Plank Rotation + 1 Abs Circuit / Session; do this every other day; to scale, add 1 more Plank Rotation, ie before and after the Abs Circuit 

Use this! 

No equipment needed 🙂

Get this!

Combine this 5 minute workout with regular cardiovascular exercise, and you’ll have a flat, sculpted stomach in no time

Nick, aka the Moose, co-Founder and Master Trainerprofile_picture

Moose X-Training Ltd. / See the Moose vid:



Full body transformation circuit for the home

Essential compound movements to get better results at home than a gym! 


Do this!

This should be performed as a circuit 4 times with 1 minutes rest after each circuit. Tempo of the exercises are very specific for optimum effect. Tempo is prescribed in 3 numbers… First number is the eccentric Lowering of the weight) the middle number is the pause and the last number is the concentric (lifting of the weight). I’ll give you a window for the rep range so that you can have muscle fatigue within that window.

  • Single leg squats using the TRX as an anchor. 8-12 reps, 211 tempo
  • Standing rows. 12-15 reps, 111 tempo
  • Push ups with reptilian crawl. 10-12 reps, 111 tempo
  • TRX Jack knifes. 8-12 reps, 211 tempo
  • TRX Face pulls. 10 reps, 212 tempo

Use this! 

TRX or similar suspension equipment. Home kits as cheap as £25.

Get this!

In two weeks notice higher energy, fitness and functional improvement. Phase 2 next time!



Rupert Hambly



Swing into action, kettle bell style!

Versatile and a wide range of benefits, if there was only one exercise that I could recommend to you then this would be it. 

kettle bell swing

Do this!

Just 2 minutes a day for serious impact!

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Lower your hips as you would do with a squat keeping arms straight and locked
  • Keep your chest tall and head up as not to round the back
  • Drive your hips out of the bottom position and thrust the kettle bell forward

And remember, use your hips to initiate and not the arms, thrusting for momentum

Use this!

You can pick up a kettle bell for around £25 – a great investment.  Beginners can start with 5 kilo and those with a good level of fitness should be looking at 8-10.

e61c635a304e3134213fbe4a5a0f768fLiam Willis, Personal Trainer



The Best Butt Busting Exercises you can do at Home to Firm, Tone and Lift Your Butt

A quick and simple (but not easy) Butt Busting Workout you can do at home which requires no equipment at all.


Do this!

  • Single Leg Glute Bridge x 15
  • Single Leg Stiff Legged Deadlift x 15
  • Lateral Lunges x 15
  • Step Ups x 15

This is to be performed as a circuit with no rest in between the exercises at all.

Exercise descriptions:

Single Leg Glute Bridge

  • Lying in your back with your knees bent up
  • Bring one knee into your chest and hold it there for the whole exercise
  • Now focus on squeezing your Glutes, putting the weight through you heels and pushing the floor away from you
  • Visualising the Glutes doing all of the work will make a huge difference in getting them working nature foe getting the results you want

Single Legged Stiff Legged Deadlift

  • Standing on your left leg with your hand on your left Glute
  • Reaching forward with your right hand keeping you left knee slightly bent
  • As before focus on your left butt contracting to lift you back to the starting position
  • Your hand on your butt will help you to feel it working and the more you can visualise and feel the muscle working, the better the results will be

Lateral Lunges

  • Standing on your left leg, step to the right and touch the outside of your right foot with your left hand
  • Returning to the starting position, maintain your balance for a second the repeat

Step Ups

  • Find a nice solid chair for this one
  • Place one foot on the chair and simply step up
  • Again focus on activating and queening your butt to initiate the movement
  • Keep that foot on the fair the whole time

The more you can focus on activating the Glutes through each exercise the better your results will be!

Use this!

Just a chair and some solid motivation.

Get this!

Initially, a sore butt.   Over a couple of weeks you will find your Glutes firming, becoming more toned and forming a better shape in your favourite skinny jeans.


Lyndon Littlefair




Frogjump burpees – fullbody workout in just 5 minutes a day ! 

You can work the entire body and burn a good amount of calories in just 5 minutes a day with this exercise.

Do this!

  • Assume a deep squat position
  • Make as long and high jump as possible, landing in a new deep squat position
  • From deep squat position kick your legs back, so you end up in a plank position
  • Make a push up, and kick the legs back up to a deep squat position again
  • Make a high jump straight in the air, landing in the deep squat again

That is one rep.

Do 5 sets of 10 reps with 30-45 seconds break between each set.

If you are in good shape you should be able to do this exercise every day (listen to your body – if it’s very tired, then take a break. If you are new in this, I would recommend 2 sets of 5 reps every 2. day.

Use this!

No equipment needed Just your own body, and a floor 😉

Get this!

This exercise can actually improve your cardio as well as strengthen your body – and it is probably the most efficient body exercise I know, as you hit the entire body.

PS remember to get some heat into the body during some lighter exercises, before you start the frogjump burpees.



Perrrfect Press ups

Build strength.. even do between the ad breaks! 

Do this! 

Learn how to do the perfect press up (everyone wants to be able to do these just to show off to friends and family their new skill and of course strength) and even better from the comfort of your own home or even between the ad breaks!

Set up:

Start in a full plank position from your hands, weight forward on your toes and position your shoulders so they are over your hands – it’s important to remember to keep your who body in line (neutral) and tensed all the way through your abs, legs and glutes.  There are two types: Knees or feet, dependent upon ability – make sure you get a good, and full range from your knees (chest to floor) before going to a full press up from your feet.


Standard Press ups 3 sets of 10-15 reps
Wide Press ups 3 sets of 10-15 reps (take hands one step out to the side from the standard position)
Diamond Press ups 2 sets of 10-15 reps (hands together in a triangle position between finger and thumb)
Split Press ups 2 sets of 10-15 reps (place one hand in the standard position, place the other a space forward)

How often:

Every other day, increase repetitions when they become easier, add in medicine balls etc to make them really tough if you’re feeling daring!!

Use this!

Equipment: N/A

Get this!

Combine alongside an abs, cardio or legs session to improve and sculpt arms, tone up and strengthen.



Sophie Holmes



Broom stick workout

Great workout for side abs with a simple but effective technique.

Do this! 

Simply stand upright with your feet level with your shoulders, place broomstick behind your head resting at the bottom of your neck and trapezium muscles.Then move your left arm 90 degrees fowards and back again.Then move your left arm 90 degrees backwards and back again. After 1 set change over to your right arm and then alternate until you complete 5 sets on each side.

Duration: 5 mins

Sets and reps: 5 x sets of 10 reps on the left and 5 x sets of 10 reps on the right

Use this!

Any indoor or outdoor broomstick/sweeper about 4 foot in length

Get this!

Great workout for side abs, after a few weeks you can say goodbye to that spare tyre around your waist.


Jerry Sierra personal trainer



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