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Top 6 Hairtastic Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know, By Barbie’s Beauty Bits

Top 6 Hairtastic Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know, By Barbie-s Beauty Bits


Hair maintenance and techniques can be expensive and even worse, time-consuming.  Let’s speak truthfully, most of us don’t have hours to primp, and those quick fixes aren’t something that always comes naturally to everyone!   But fret no more, as today we’re going to share with you, our Top 6 Hairtastic Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know.

Covering Grays:

If you need a quick fix in between hair appointments, this will come in handy! A less expense approach, especially if you have darker hair, is to cover it with mascara! Keep in mind this is for minor touch ups, covering only a small area of gray.  It’s simple, just place the wand near your head, and apply on your hair like an eyelash, and go up.

You can also use a black or brown eyeshadow to fill in some of the gray areas.  Unfortunately, with very dark hair, from afar you can appear as if your hair is thinning, filling it with a dark shadow can help to camouflage some it.

Thicker Hair: 

partially air dry your hair for thicker, fuller hair by Barbie's Beauty Bits (1)

A great tip to have your hair appear thicker is using a dry shampoo! Not only does it absorb the oil in your hair, it also gives your hair extra volume and lift. The hack is to apply the dry shampoo to your hair in the beginning when it is clean, at the roots.  Why wait till it’s dirty, this too gives you a few more days of not having to wash it.

  1. Blowing drying your hair all the time can cause your hair to become brittle and flat. Partially air drying your hair will allow your hair to be stronger and appear much thicker.  A tip to save on drying time, don’t apply conditioner to your entire hair, only apply to the ends.

Color Treated Hair:

prior to your hair coloring appointment, treat your hair with a deep conditioner, by Barbie's Beauty Bits (1)



  1. 2-3 days prior to your hair coloring appointment, treat your hair with a deep conditioner. By doing so, you will allow the color to be absorbed.
  2. Don’t Overdo Shampoo. You should wait at least 48 hours after you color your hair before you wash it. Washing tips after this; keep in mind the more you wash your hair, the quicker the color will fade.  Even if you are using the correct products, water, unfortunately, is the biggest contributor to fading the color! Dry shampoos work wonders!

Glamourous Pony Tails:

Glamorous high pony tails hacks by Barbie's Beauty Bits (1)

Ponytails are usually a quick way to get out the door, but looking stylish, isn’t always the case.  But now you can with these tricks of the trade.

Double Trouble:

  • This hair hack will make your ponytail look much fuller, by combing two ponytails in one.
    • Start by taking half of your hair and pull it back into a high ponytail.
    • Take the rest of your hair and pull it into a 2nd ponytail. Depending on the length of your hair, secure it about 2-3 inches below the first one.
    • Lastly, you want to take both of the ponytails and fix them together to make one voluminous ponytail.

The above option may not work, if you have shorter hair. So in this case you can use a hair clip or bobby pins. Simply pull your hair up into a high ponytail and place a small hair clip (or bobby pins) underneath your ponytail, but over part of the rubber band.  This technique pushes the ponytail up giving it some height, leaving you with a more stylish look, instead of the last minute run out the door impression.

 Tame Those Fly Away & Frizzy Hairs: 

tame flyaway hairs with a toothbrush and hairspray by Barbie's Beauty Bits (1)

Secure those bad boys with some hairspray and a toothbrush.  Merely spray an old toothbrush with hairspray and brush it over those wild hairs to tame them.

Drying Your Hair: Always wonder why at a salon, they don’t towel dry your hair? Well, it’s because it can cause friction, which can cause your hair to frizz.  If you are at home, try using a white cotton shirt or a paper towel to help absorb the water.  There is minimal friction if you use one of these.

Curl Your Hair:

This one is one of our favorites as curly hair looks are fabulous and oh so Hollywood glam.  But the time to get this look can take forever and a day, but not any longer.  Check out these cool hacks for your locks.

Beach Wave Look:

Beach waves hacks with a flat iron by barbies beauty bits (1)


  • For this look, you want to braid your hair. Separate your hair into 3-5 braids depending on the length of your hair.
  • Go over each braid separately with a flat iron, do it in sections from the top to the bottom of the braid.
  • For thicker hair, you will need to go over the braids with a flat iron a few times.
  • Once the braids have cooled down (about 10 minutes), unbraid your hair.
  • DO NOT brush through your hair or you’ll lose the curls. Shake and run your fingers through lightly.
  • Spray with a texturing spray and scrunch your hair in an upward motion to add volume for gorgeous loose beach waves.

Bouncy Curls:

  • For this hair hack, you want to do this before you put your makeup on to give it some time for the curls to set.
  • Place your hair into two ponytails, preferably one on each side of your head. (for thicker hair make 3)
  • Curl each ponytail and secure the curls with some bobby pins or hair clips.
  • Let it sit while you put on your makeup, clothes, etc.
  • Once the curls have cooled down, undo your ponytails and shake out the curls.
  • DO NOT brush through them or you’ll lose the curls. Spray them with a setting spray and you’re out the door.

A bonus tip: You always want to dry your hair with heat and set with cool! So, make sure to use that cool air option on your hair dryer to set your curls.

So there you have it beauties, our “Top Six Hairtastic Beauty Hacks” every woman should know.




Do you have more hair beauty hacks you would like to share ? Please let us know!