Beauty by Renata and Dagamara, Crystal Palace

Beauty by Renata and Dagamara

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Brows and Lashes

Eyebrows and Lashes

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Eyebrow Shape (15 mins)
Eyebrow Tint (15 mins)
Eyelash Tint (20 mins)
Half Set Eyelash Extensions with a Trainee (1 hour)
Eyelash Infills (30 mins)
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint and Shape (30 mins)
Eyelash Infills (1 hour)
Half Set Eyelash Extensions (30 mins)
Lash Perfect Lift (1 hour)



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Eye Lift Skin Solver (10 mins)
Dermalogica Mini Facial (30 mins)
Dermalogica Cleansing Back Treatment (45 mins)
Environ Precision Treatment (30 mins)
Environ Purifying Treatment (45 mins)
Dermalogica Customised Facial (1 hr 10 mins)
Ion Active Power Treatment (1 hour)
Microdermabrasion (1 hour)
Dermalogica Anti-Ageing Facial (1 hr 10 mins)
Dermalogica Anti-Acne Facial (1 hr 10 mins)
Environ Active Vitamin Treatment (3 Area's) (1 hour)
Collagen Power Precision Treatment (1-2 Area's) (45 mins)
Environ Advanced Active Vitamin Treatment (10 Area's) (1 hr 30 mins)
Collagen Power Facial (10 Area's) (1 hr 30 mins)
Environ The Frown Treatment (45 mins)
Environ HydraBoost Treatment (1 hour)

Laser Hair Removal

IPL Hair Reduction

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IPL Patch Test and Consulation (40 mins)
IPL Odd Hairs (20 mins)
IPL Between Brows (20 mins)
IPL Upper Lip (20 mins)
IPL Chin (20 mins)
IPL Forehead (40 mins)
IPL Cheeks (30 mins)
IPL Sides of Face (30 mins)
IPL Toes (25 mins)
IPL Nipples (25 mins)
IPL Stomach Line (30 mins)
IPL Hands (30 mins)
IPL Fingers (20 mins)
IPL Upper Lip and Chin (30 mins)
IPL Feet (30 mins)
IPL Back of Neck (30 mins)
IPL Front of Neck (30 mins)
IPL Bikini 20 (30 mins)
IPL Underarms (30 mins)
IPL Feet and Toes (30 mins)
IPL Hands and Fingers (30 mins)
IPL Full Neck (45 mins)
IPL Full Face (1 hour)
IPL Decolletage (30 mins)
IPL Shoulders (45 mins)
IPL Half Arms (45 mins)
IPL Upper Back (40 mins)
IPL Lower Back (40 mins)
IPL Chest (50 mins)
IPL Bikini 90 (1 hour)
IPL Buttocks (1 hour)
IPL Upper Legs Excluding Knee's (1 hour)
IPL Lower Legs Including Knee's (1 hr 15 mins)
IPL Full Arms (1 hr 10 mins)
IPL Shoulders and Upper Back (1 hr 10 mins)
IPL Full Back (1 hour)
IPL Abdomen (1 hour)
IPL Upper Leg and Bikini 20 (1 hr 30 mins)
IPL Chest and Abdomen (1 hour)
IPL Full Back and Shoulders (1 hr 40 mins)
IPL Full Leg (1 hr 30 mins)
IPL Full Leg and Bikini 20 (1 hr 45 mins)


Massage Treatments

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Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (30 mins)
Indian Head Massage (30 mins)
Back, Neck and Shoulder Hot Stone Massage (30 mins)
Swedish Full Body and Face Massage (1 hr 15 mins)


Nail Treatments

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Shellac Soak Off (30 mins)
File and Polsih (30 mins)
OPI Manicure (45 mins)
Express Shellac (45 mins)
OPI Luxury Manicure (1 hour)
OPI Pedicure (1 hour)
Shellac Manicure (1 hour)
Shellac Manicure and Shellac Off (1 hr 30 mins)
OPI Deluxe Pedicure (1 hr 15 mins)
Shellac Spa Manicure (1 hr 15 mins)
Shellac Pedicure (1 hour)
Shellac Pedicure and Shellac Off (1 hr 30 mins)
Shellac Spa Pedicure (1 hr 30 mins)

Skin Treatment

Peel Treatments

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Callus Peel (30 mins)
Stand Alone Callus Peel (Heel or Sole) (30 mins)
Dermalogica Bio Surface Peel (1 hour)
Environ Cool Peel (1 hour)


Men's Treatments

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Male Eyebrow Shape (15 mins)
Male Eyebrow Threading (20 mins)
Male Underarm Wax (15 mins)
Male Stomach Wax (20 mins)
Male Lower Back Wax (20 mins)
Male Manicure (30 mins)
Male Half Leg Wax (30 mins)
Male Pedicure (45 mins)
Male Luxury Manicure (45 mins)
Male Thigh Wax (30 mins)
Male Back or Chest Wax (30 mins)
Male Luxury Pedicure (1 hour)
Male Full Leg Wax (30 mins)
Men's Dermalogica Facial (1 hour)

Threading and Waxing Treatments

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Upper Lip Threading (10 mins)
Chin Threading (10 mins)
Eyebrow Threading (20 mins)
Lip or Chin Strip Wax (10 mins)
Bikini Strip Wax (15 mins)
Underarm Strip Wax (15 mins)
Half Arm Strip Wax (15 mins)
Lip or Chin Hot Wax (15 mins)
Lip and Chin Strip Wax (15 mins)
Half Leg Strip Wax (30 mins)
Lower Back Strip Wax (20 mins)
Stomach Strip Wax (15 mins)
Buttocks Strip Wax (15 mins)
Extended Bikini Strip Wax (20 mins)
Underarm Hot Wax (10 mins)
Thigh Strip Wax (30 mins)
3/4 Leg Strip Wax (30 mins)
Full Arm Strip Wax (20 mins)
Chin and Neck Hot Wax (20 mins)
Lip and Chin Hot Wax (20 mins)
Lip, Chin and Neck Strip Wax (20 mins)
Extended Bikini Hot Wax (20 mins)
Full Leg Strip Wax (45 mins)
Lip, Chin and Neck Hot Wax (30 mins)
Brazilian Strip Wax (30 mins)
Back or Chest Strip Wax (30 mins)
Hollywood Strip Wax (30 mins)
Brazilian Hot Wax (30 mins)
Hollywood Hot Wax (30 mins)

Beauty by Renata and Dagamara

Beauty by Renata and Dagamara Opening Hours

About Us

Price Range: from £6.00 - £300.00

Beauty by Renata & Dagmara opened in August 2008. Right in the heart of the Crystal Palace triangle, Renata’s and Dagmara’s salon features four beauty rooms offering Facials, Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing, Eyelash Extensions, Eyebrow Microblading and many more.

Renata & Dagmara are fully qualified beauty therapists and have many years experience providing beauty services in a number of salons across the South London and Croydon area. Now in our own salon together with our team, we are dedicated to make you look and feel your very best!


Beauty by Renata and Dagamara Customer Reviews

5.0 Overall Review Score

10 star treatment - as ALWAYS!!!


18 Jun 2019

Very good and very pleased


18 Jun 2019

Monica did a fantastic job. Very happy.


15 Jun 2019

Brilliant, thank you


14 Jun 2019

Love going there. Renata and team are very talented, love what they do and super friendly


14 Jun 2019

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