Summer’s just a few hidden sunrays away, which means there’s one thing on a lot of our mind, and that’s how to achieve the ultimate, glowy, tropical tan. The Caribbean cruise you’ve been dreaming about might be a little more expensive than you’d hoped, and the UK temperamental weather probably isn’t looking too promising. But all that worry will become a thing of the past once you unlock the major key in sunless tanning – same glistening results without the sun damage. Keep reading to get our top tips on how you can stay tanned all year round.

Preparation is half the battle – EXFOLIATE

Exfoliation should form an important part of your skincare regime, and this doesn’t change where spray tanning is concerned. Good preparation can be the determining factor of how long your tan will last.  Exfoliating before each spray tan promotes an even surface area on your skin, which means you’ll be able to avoid any unwanted streaks and have a smoother application. Exfoliating before each spray tan, and the night before, will intensify your results, and have you looking like your fresh of a plane.

Remember to stay away from alcohol based soaps, and thick moisturisers, these leave residues on the skin and act as a barrier for the tan. Using non-oil based products will help you wave goodbye to blotchy tans; and let face it nobody wants that.

It’s A Process –  After care is just as important

Finding a good beautician to apply your spray tan is important, as not only will they be able to have you looking amazing, they’ll also be able to provide you with great advice on how to ensure your new tan stays with you wherever you go.

After your shower its best to delicately pat dry your body to insure you do not wipe or scrub off your tan.  As soon as you get out, gently pat dry, and moisturize your body to lock in the spray tan.  It’s very important to remember to moisturize at least 3 times daily following your spray tan.  When you moisturize you are hydrating your skin and sealing in your sunless tan, helping it to last longer.

Pick up a tan extender

You’ll love your spray tan, but you could love it even more with a good tan extender. It is best to wait until day 3 or day 4 after your spray tan to use a tan extender, as this is when it may slowly start to fade from its optimal state.

Your beautician will be able to recommend a good tan extender, that will give you a nice boost of bronze when you need it most.

When All Else Fails Drink Water

The importance of keeping your skin hydrated cannot be stressed enough. When your skin is dehydrated, it can flake and peel; appearing dull, and lacking lustre. Drinking plenty of water promotes better health and will have you serving glowing looks daily. Coupled with daily moisturising, your well on your way to preventing an uneven, fading tan.

Stay out of swimming pools and hot tubs

Hot tubs and swimming pools are a big no, as they will without a doubt shorten the life of your tan. The chlorine and salt water within them, breaks down the tan, causing it to fade faster. If you want to get the longest life out of your sunless tan, stay away from soaking in water.

Now your equipped with all the tools to have your spray tan looking perfect for longer, it’s time to make sure your next tanning appointment is with someone who knows how to get the right look for you. Why not take your pick of these London Tanning Experts, available to book online 24/7 through Book Your Lifestyle.