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Top Tips for Looking After Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are great in adding versatility to our hair; allowing us to rock the fleekiest hairstyles, otherwise unimaginable! We love the way we look, and feel when we take off that salon cape; heads held high, and luscious locs… Continue reading →

Top Spring 2017 Hair Trends from London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week may only be four days, but its impact is lasting. With the London SS17 fashion week behind us, industry experts across the globe stay tuned in to spill the beans on all those unmissable trends. The verdict… Continue reading →

Balayage is the new Ombre

As the cold weather is creeping in, most of us are naturally craving for some subtle changes that helps us feel more empowered and refreshed every morning. Busy schedules leave us little time and energy for our beauty routines, yet… Continue reading →

The secrets behind celeb skin!

Poreless faces and glossy locks! Aside from the glamourous overseas trips, the glittering parties and the fabulous wardrobe, what makes us seethe with envy is the smooth, dewy, poreless skin and gloriously smooth and shiny locks of our favourite celebrities…. Continue reading →

Rain, rain go away :-(

Welcome to the ‘Summer’ in England. Non-stop rain, chilly nights and grumpy old people complaining about the weather or lack thereof. Don’t banish your wedges to the back of the closet just yet, we have the perfect lil pick me… Continue reading →

Brexit stress taking it’s toll? SMH!

As we lie in wake of Britain officially voting out of the EU, it is still unclear how exactly we will be affected. Will travel into our favourite travel destinations be as easy? What will happen to our hot Italian… Continue reading →

Avocado Obsession!

The jury’s out! And don’t we just have the best news for you! Do you ever see your favourite supermodels posting mountains of coconut butter + avocado treats to their social media pages and wonder how they stay so slender?… Continue reading →

#WCW Alert – Jennifer Lopez!

Serious #Girlcrush! How does she do it? We’ve loved Jenny from the Block since her 90’s hip hop days when she was Diddy’s girl, in that dress & those Juicy Couture short tracksuits, the sweet voice and the ultra sexy… Continue reading →

All the glitz and glamour of the Cannes Film Festival 2016!

The Cannes film festival is one of our favourite times of the year. Not for the films of course, yet for the endless glamour, flowing gowns, stars dripping in diamonds, perfectly coiffed up-dos and makeup so flawless it makes us… Continue reading →

Tan-talisingly Sexy!

It’s getting hot in here! The one thing we don’t take for granted living in Britain is the sun! Maybe you’ll see it, maybe you wont, but boy when the sun finally comes out we are stepping into our summer… Continue reading →

Summer is coming – #jetset

If you’ve been a good girl all year and consistently sweated it out in the gym, sipped green juice all day and kept far away from bottles of champagne (boo, toxins) you are clearly nobody on our contact list! Stop… Continue reading →

5 Oldschool Hairstyles due for a comeback

As clothing goes in and out of fashion, so do our hairstyles and cuts. Popular haircuts are often inspired by celebrities and this certainly isn’t a new concept. As well as taking inspiration from modern celebs there are some women… Continue reading →

Beachy Waves – create the look!

Even when there’s no sun or beach in site, styling hair with ‘beachy waves’ always looks good.It’s a classic style that manages to balance that fine line between casual and ‘done’. Looking like you put in just the right amount… Continue reading →

5 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Medium To Long Hair

Hello! My names Em and I am delighted to be writing for a new site today! I absolutely love hair; hair products, hair styles and doing my own hair so today I decided to write about 5 gorgeous hair styles… Continue reading →

The Benefits of Relaxing Music at Spas

Relaxation and music go hand in hand, with treatments such as ‘sound baths’ having music as the sole method of relaxation. Spas, and the treatments they provide, are notorious for having relaxing music playing in the background, and it’s no… Continue reading →

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