When it comes to gel nails, wouldn’t we all love for them to last just that little bit longer? Pro tips to the rescue, we’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve rounded up the best practical tips to extend the life of your gorgeous gel manicures.

Remember to push back your cuticles

To avoid gel polish overlapping on your cuticles, always make sure to push them back before getting a gel manicure. Make sure to apply cuticle oil first!

Stay away from prolonged hot showers

During winter colds, we all tend to overindulge in hot showers and relaxing bubble baths, however, remember that having your gels soaked in hot water for too long will inevitably cause them to lift, significantly shortening the span of your gel manicure.

Add additional top coat

Never underestimate the power of additional top coating! Add additional top coat to reduce the chipping and increase the glossiness and shine of the nail paint.

Apply nail oil

Best way to nourish your nails at home and avoid chipping is by regularly applying a conditioning nail oil to your cuticles. Nail oil helps to keep gels hydrated, and makes sure that the dry skin around your cuticles doesn’t compromise the longevity of your manicure.

Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning

Easiest way to chip and crack your gel manicure is by exposing your gels to cleaning materials and chemicals. Always remember to protect your gels by covering up with a good pair of rubber gloves.

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