Eyebrows are so important and they’re such an easy feature on your face to change up. In the case that you do want to change them up a bit whether it be definition, colour, add some hairs or just hold the hairs you have already in place you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few ways that you can do just that!



  1. Pomade

Pomade is awesome if you want dramatic and bold brows plus having the ability to hold the hairs down and in place, or you can use it lightly and feather it in for a natural fuller hair effect.

 2. Powder

Powder is nice if you want a subtle filled in effect. It’s nice and fills in the skin underneath your brows to make them look at little more opaque but nothing too crazy. With powder it is harder to get a more feathered look.

 3. Pencil

Pencil is probably the second most natural look since you can draw individual hairs and give your brows a really full look you can also fill them in as light or as dark as you’d like.

 4. Gel

Gel is a really nice way to get a little bit of colour while holding your brows in place. You might even want to use gel on top of another product to help with adding more colour to your brows.


The most natural look than the other options is dyeing your eyebrow hairs to the colour you want. This is definitely recommended to be done by a professional since the dye is very close to your eyes. It is risky and it is easy enough to go get it done properly.

Hopefully this helps you find the best way to make your brows flawless!

Written by Mimi Kitten (aka Kittendoll Beauty)