About Us


Book Your Lifestyle is a community of UK hair, beauty and wellness experts who are at your service 24/7 so you can book in to look and feel fantastic at any time.


Book Your Lifestyle is a fully developed marketplace for the hair and beauty industry, founded in January 2015 by David Smith and Chris Houry of Hostel Bookers fame. Our team of passionate and entrepreneurial workers and investors is a strong one. We're united in our proven track record of success and dedication to ours and to your future.


Book Your Lifestyle keeps it simple: you search, you find, you book and you're done. There is no frustration from trying to get through to salons on the phone or looking around for the best prices, locations and services. With Book Your Lifestyle it's all there to find, compare and book 24 hours a day at the click of a button.


Partnered with some of the most glamorous salons & spas in the UK, the company's vision is to change the way customers think about booking their hair and beauty treatments, fitting around their on-the-go lifestyle. With hundreds of hand-picked salons & spas, Book Your Lifestyle is the link between the busy preoccupied person who wants to look and feel good, but is short on time.