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Between Consultation Support I offer both telephone & e-mail support in between consultations.

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Between Consultation Support

Follow Up Consultation Follow up consultations are intended as a tool to evaluate your progress, discuss positive and negative issues and review the diet plan periodically.
I recommend at least 2 follow up visits to achieve some benefits. More visits may be needed if a significant weight loss needs to be achieved or multiple issues need addressing.

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(45 mins)
Follow Up Consultation

Initial Consultation During this consultation I will review your health questionnaire and food diary that you will fill in beforehand. We will discuss your life style and eating habits and I will take into account your food likes and dislikes.
I will be taking several measurements, including height, weight, BMI and I will calculate your basal metabolic rate, which will give us information on how much fuel your body needs, to function on a daily basis.We’ll work together every step of the way towards your goal.
Within a week from the initial consultation I will email you your personalized diet plan, along with handouts and some recipes.I will recommend any blood tests that might be needed and any supplements to include in your plan .I will also provide you with some advice on an exercise regime to accompany your dietary plan.

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(1 hour)
Initial Consultation

Package Bookings Save money by pre paying your initial consultation plus follow ups.

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Initial Consultation + 2 Follow Ups
Initial Consultation + 4 Follow Ups

Dr Cristina Golfomitsos

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I am Cristina, I am a Doctor in Cardiology and Acute Medicine.I have been working for the NHS for the last 13 years with passion and dedication I am also a qualified Nutritionist and a Health and Wellness Consultant.I developed my interest in Nutrition several years ago.I was overwhelmed by the number of patients who would attend my Cardiology clinic asking me for Nutrition advice to improve their heart’s health through losing weight, reducing their blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels and stress hormones levels.So I have decided to attend a Master program in Human Nutrition to be able to give scientifically proven advice to my patients, to provide a more holist approach to their problems.