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Dtail Hair Salon

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Colouring Treatments

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Partial Highlights (Stylist/Director)
Regrowth Colour (Stylist/Director)
Glossing (Stylist/Director)
Colour Change (Stylist/Director)
Regrowth Colour (Senior Director/Consultant)
Permanent Full Colour (Stylist/Director)
Glossing (Senior Director/Consultant)
Partial Highlights (Senior Director/Consultant)
T-Section Highlights (Stylist/Director)
Permanent Full Colour (Senior Director/Consultant)
T-Section Highlights (Senior Director/Consultant)
Half Head Ombre/Balayage (Stylist/Director)
Pre-Lighten, Regrowth and Tone (Stylist/Director)
Half Head Highlights (Stylist/Director)
Pre-Lighten, Regrowth and Tone (Senior Director/Consultant)
Pre-Lighten Full Head and Tone (Stylist/Director)
Half Head Ombre/Balayage (Senior Director/Consultant)
Half Head Highlights (Senior Director/Consultant)
Pre-Lighten Full Head and Tone (Senior Director/Consultant)
Full Head Ombre/Balayage (Stylist/Director)
Full Head Highlights (Stylist/Director)
Full Head Ombre/Balayage (Senior Director/Consultant)
Full Head Highlights (Senior Director/Consultant)

Hair Services

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Gent's Cut and Finish (Stylist)
Blow Dry (Stylist)
Gent's Cut and Finish (Director)
Blow Dry (Director)
Gent's Cut and Finish (Senior Director)
Hair Up
Gent's Cut and Finish (Consultant)
Blow Dry (Senior Director)
Ladies Cut and Finish (Stylist)
Blow Dry (Consultant)
Ladies Cut and Finish (Director)
Ladies Cut and Finish (Senior Director)
Ladies Cut and Finish (Consultant)

Hair Treatments

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Conditioning Treatment
Shampoo and Set
Keratin Blow Dry


Basin Services

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Aromatherapy Scalp Massage
Hand and Arm Massage
Anti-Fatigue Eye Massage

Dtail Hair Salon

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About Us

Price Range: from £5.00 - £102.00

Established in January 2015 in Caterham Valley by Danielle Buckley. Dtail saw much success and community support and grew to see the opening of its second salon in Caterham OnThe Hill in July 2016. Danielle and her team take pride in providing Caterham and surrounding areas with the latest trends and only the best customer service. This intimate salon believes in extensive training and a client centre focus.
Whether it’s a modern or traditional style our experts can tailor your individual needs to create your ideal look. Let Dtail support you on your hair journey and pamper you along the way.


Dtail Hair Salon Customer Reviews

5.0 Overall Review Score

Really please with out come thanks Maria for understanding my needs


09 Apr 2019

Brilliant - felt like a new person!


06 Apr 2019

Fab Maria has made my day by making my hair gorgeous as always ❤️


30 Mar 2019

Hair is amazing thanks Maria always a pleasure 😍


09 Mar 2019

Love my hair thanks Maria


26 Feb 2019

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