King's Cross TCM & Herbal Centre, Kings Cross

King's Cross TCM & Herbal Centre

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Body Treatment


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(35 mins)

Physical Therapies

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Cupping (15 mins)
Ear Seeds/Acupuncture (25 mins)
Ear Candling (10 mins)


Foot Massages

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Foot  Massage (30 mins)
Foot  Massage (1 hour)
Foot  Massage (1 hr 30 mins)

Relaxing Massages

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Relaxing Massage (1 hour)
Relaxing Massage (1 hr 30 mins)

King's Cross TCM & Herbal Centre

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About Us

Price Range: from £20.00 - £80.00

From King's Cross St. Pancras, King's Cross TCM and Herbal Centre is just a five minutes stroll. The Centre offers a varierty of back rubs and treatments. This incorporates home grown medication, needle therapy and tui na knead.

They're subsidiary with the UK Academy of Chinese Medicine and have a solid, proficient group of Traditional Chinese Medicine advisors. Although the centre is small it it filled with educated, mindful professionals.