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62 Fortune Green Road West Hamstead, West Hampstead, NW6 1DT

Holistic Health and Advanced Beauty

Electrolysis and Advanced Treatments - Hair Removal Electrolysis £15.00
IPL Hair Removal Treatments - Small Area £35.00
IPL Hair Removal Treatments - Medium Area £65.00
IPL Hair Removal Treatments - IPL Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-Acne Treatment £90.00
IPL Hair Removal Treatments - Large Area £95.00


Book From £15.00

48 Mill Lane, West Hampstead, NW6 1NJ

Bernardita Beauty Clinic

Electrolysis £15.00
IPL Laser Hair Removal - Chin £20.00
IPL Laser Hair Removal - Linear Blancha £25.00
IPL Laser Hair Removal - Half Arms £38.00
IPL Laser Hair Removal - Bikini Line £48.00


Book From £15.00

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