Manuel Guerra Skin Care

Manuel Guerra Skin Care

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led light therapy for acne. wrinkles.pigmentstion.acids peels. Manologist treatments are a combination of steam.double cleansing.extractions.boosters and mask. we can do electrical equipments to help more with. acne.pigmentation.wrinkles.
enjoy a great massage while getting super pamper.
neck.shoulder.face.feet.back massages.

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led light therapy for acne. wrinkles.pigmentstion.acids peels.

Massages Massages and treatments are all about making you feel better about yourself. As a therapist, I will customize the treatments to your specific needs.

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Manologist Massage (30 mins)
Deep Tissue (1 hour)
Swedish Massage (1 hour)
Sport Massage (1 hour)
Energising Massage (1 hour)

Body Treatment

Lipo Cavitation Fat Reduction Ultrasound fat cavitation of the body is a treatment offered at our clinic. The fat cavitation treatment is based on a safe ultrasound stimulation with small and large probes at the specific 1MHZ and 40KHz on the deeper visceral fats, which enables a local release of lipolytic hormone.
This is lipolysis, the natural process by which our fat reserves (from our fat cells) are transformed into energy to be used up by our body (muscles, cells) generally in the form of exercise within 6 hours of treatment.

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(1 hour)
Lipo Cavitation Fat Reduction


Facials All of Manuel's treatments are welcome through a great mindfulness meditation helping his clients through the power of breathing.

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Note from Venue


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Face Ultrasound Lifting (30 mins)
LED Light Therapy (15 mins)
Manologist Skin & Body Treatments. (1 hour)

Male Facials These facial treatments will bring more life to your face.
Manuel Guerra encourages breathing techniques as well as tailors products to your skin's needs.

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ManoloAcne Facial. (30 mins)
ManoloHydrating Facial. (30 mins)
ManoloAnti~Ageing Facial. (30 mins)
ManoloFruit Peel Facial. (30 mins)
ManoloSteam, Fruit Peel & Extraction. (30 mins)
ManoloBlackhead Extraction. (35 mins)
Manologist Face lift. (30 mins)

Manuel Guerra Skin Care

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Price Range: from £35.00 - £65.00

Manuel moved to Brighton to study Skin and Body Therapy in 2003 and his first role was working for one of the best educational skincare companies worldwide, Dermalogica in Lance Square.

Dermologica treat and train Beauty Editors, Dermalogica Educators, and everyday Consumers & Customers.
After 7 years experience with Dermolgica he ventured into working for Esther Fieldgrass EFMediSpa. He learned extensive beauty treatments in an outstanding environment, treating high profile clients and customers. Manuel Guerra is now treating clients at their homes and within his Clinic at Elephant and Castle.