Nainas Beauty Box Hoxton, Haggerston

Nainas Beauty Box Hoxton

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Lava Shell Massage Heated shells provide relaxing massage experience from muscle tension to eliminate toxins

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Tummy treatment (20 mins)
Back massage (30 mins)
Back & Tummy Massage (40 mins)
Lava Full Body Massage (1 hour)

Massages Your are in safe hands with our professionally trained therapists. Once the massage starts, your problems will fade away leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Neck & Shoulder Massage
Back Massage (30 mins)
Head Massage (25 mins)
Reflexology (30 mins)
Leg & Foot Massage (30 mins)
Head Massage (40 mins)
Reflexology (45 mins)
Holistic Massage (1 hour)
Back massage (40 mins)
Stress Relax Massage (1 hour)
Reflexology (1 hour)
Ayurvedic Full Body Massage (1 hour)

Brows and Lashes

Eyebrows & Eyelashes Make a dramatic change to your look with our eye tints.

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Eyebrow tint
Eyelash Tint

Threading This technique has been tried and tested over generations and is a very reliable source to have your eyebrows, chin or upper lip made hair free.

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Upper lip
Full face


Facials Our highly qualified therapists offer a level of service, discretion and attention to detail, so you can feel relaxed and unwind in our sanctum of peace and tranquillity.

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Mini Facial (30 mins)
Fruit Facial (1 hour)
Silver Facial (1 hour)
Microcurrent therapy (45 mins)
Gold Facial (1 hour)
Oxygen Facial (1 hour)
Microcurrent Therapy (1 hour)
RegimA Facial Peel
Dermaco 6 in 1 facial
Basic Microdermabrasion - Five Sessions (30 mins)
RegimA Facial Peel - 4 Sessions
Basic Microdermabrasion - Ten Sessions (30 mins)
Recovery Microdermabrasion - Five Sessions (2 hours)
Deluxe Microdermabrasion - Five Sessions (1 hr 15 mins)
Microcurrent Therapy - Ten Sessions (45 mins)
Recovery Microdermabrasion - Ten Sessions (1 hour)
Microcurrent Therapy - Ten Sessions (1 hour)
Deluxe Microdermabrasion - Ten Sessions (1 hr 15 mins)
Dermaco 6 in 1 facial - Course of 10

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal We have the latest advanced equipment for permanent hair removal. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and Quick Pulse Light (QPL) delivers permanent hair reduction to remove unwanted and unsightly hair from the face and body. A number of sessions may be required to achieve the desired outcome, but guarantees complete reduction.

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Chin - Single Session
Upper Chin - Single Session
Fingers or Toes - Single Session
Sides - Single Session
Nipples - Single Session
Underarm - Single Session
Stomach line - Single Session
Hands - Single Session
Feet - Single Session
Half Arm - Single Session
Bikini Line - Single Session
Breast - Single Session
Full Face - Single Session
Half Legs - Single Session
Brazilian - Single Session
Full Stomach - Single Session
Chest - Single Session
Half Back - Single Session
Buttocks - Single Session
Full Arms - Single Session
3/4 Legs - Single Session
Hollywood - Single Session
Full Face & Neck - Single Session
Full Back - Single Session
Upper Chin - 6 Sessions
Chin - 6 Sessions
Full Legs - Single Session
Fingers or Toes
Sides - 6 Sessions
Nipples - 6 Sessions
Underarm - 6 Sessions
Stomach line - 6 Sessions
Hands - 6 Session
Feet - 6 Sessions
Half Arm - 6 Sessions
Bikini Line - 6 Sessions
Breast - 6 Sessions
Full Face - 6 Sessions
Half Legs - 6 Sessions
Brazilian - 6 Sessions
Full Stomach - 6 Sessions
Chest - 6 Sessions
Half Back - 6 Sessions
Buttocks - 6 Session
Full Arms - 6 Sessions
3/4 Legs - 6 Sessions
Hollywood - 6 Sessions
Full Body - Single Session
Full Face & Neck - 6 Sessions
Full Back - 6 Sessions
Full Legs - 6 Sessions
Full Body - 6 Sessions


Nails Our highly qualified therapists offer a level of service, discretion and attention to detail, so you can feel relaxed and unwind in our sanctum of peace and tranquility.

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Soak Off
Basic Manicure
Luxury Manicure
Basic Pedicure
Luxury Pedicure
Gel Nails - Fingers or Toes
Mani Peel
Pedi Peel


Waxing Using our chemical free bees wax product, we will remove your unwanted hair quickly and pain free all over your body and face.

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Hands or feet
Bikini line
1/2 arm
1/2 leg
3/4 leg
Full arm
1/2 back
Full face
Full leg
Full back

Nainas Beauty Box Hoxton

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Price Range: from £3.00 - £2495.00

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Naina's Beauty Box is the ultimate pampering experience for both and men and women. We are a one stop shop for rejuvenation and specific beauty treatments for your grooming needs. Our treatments range from QPL/IPL , Microdermabrasion, facials and holistic aromatherapy massage to slimming, shaping and toning.