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Brazilian Keratin Straightening System Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening is a revolutionary treatment that will change your life!

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(2 hr 30 mins)
Brazilian Keratin Straightening System

Children's Hair From 0 - 14 years

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Boys Wet Cut (0-10) (30 mins)
Boys Wet Cut (11-14) (30 mins)
Girls Wash & Cut (0-10) (30 mins)
Girls Wash & Cut (11-14) (30 mins)
Girls wash, Cut & Blow Dry (0-10) (1 hour)
Girls Wash, Cut & Blow-Dry (11-14) (1 hour)

Colouring Colouring options ate Reginas Hair & Beauty

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Colour Sync
Tint Whole Head (Shoulder Length) (30 mins)
Tint Whole Head (Long Hair) (45 mins)

High/low lights Add brightness and shine to your hair

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Half Head
Full Head

Ladies Hair Choose from our vast selection of hair treatments for Women

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Ceramic Straightening (Shoulder Length) (30 mins)
Ceramic Straightening (Long Hair) (45 mins)
Wash & Blow dry (Shoulder Length) (30 mins)
Wash & Blow Dry (Long Hair) (45 mins)
Ceramic curls/tongs (Shoulder Length) (45 mins)
Wash & cut (30 mins)
Wash & set (30 mins)
Wash & Reshape (45 mins)
Ceramic Curls and Tongs (Long Hair) (1 hour)
Hair up (45 mins)
Wash, cut & blow dry (1 hour)
Wash reshape & blow dry (1 hr 15 mins)
Hair up (Long Hair) (1 hr 15 mins)

Mens Hair Mens Hair Choices

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Clipper cut (30 mins)
Wash & cut (30 mins)
Wash, cut & finish (30 mins)

Perming Acid perming

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Regina's Hair & Beauty

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About Us

Price Range: from £12.50 - £79.00

We offer you a kind and friendly proffesional service everytime. Conveniently located in north london, our salon has provided professional hair and beauty services for more then 35 years.

The salon has been designed specifically with you in mind. we aim to provide our services in a comforatble, relaxing and homely atmosphere.

We only use the best hair care products, manufactured by Matrix, in the USA. Matrix products are exclusively available to selected hairdressers, and we have been specifically trained to provide advice on their use.

We invite you to come and experience our services with us...


Regina's Hair & Beauty Customer Reviews

4.0 Overall Review Score

All good .Nice service and Brilliant result so far.Had brazillian blow dry and new oliplex treatment. Will see what happens when I washReasonable price for the amount of time it took.


Kentish town
04 Jul 2016