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Ciara Murphy on 03 Jan 2018
Had a really good facial at cucumba! Really professional and great work!!didnt get my therapist name but she was so friendly and efficient!
Total Body Care
Verified Customer on 17 Dec 2017
The experience in the clinic I would give 5 stars. What is not so good is the website where you book a time and think the appointment is made but the clinic doesnt know anything about it. Staff were friendly and professional
Cloud Spa Gatwick Airport North Terminal
Jennifer Cooke on 15 Sep 2017
I arrived for my (pre booked and paid) 6.30am appointment at 6.20and asked the therapist (who was treating the eyebrows of another member of airport staff) where I should sit to wait for my appointment. She rudely stated that there was nothing in the book, implying I didn't have an appointment. I then sat down and she said at 6.31 that it would be another 10 minutes. At 6.55 she finally started my supposed 15 minute treatment, which actually took 30 minutes causing me to have to run for my flight following the final boarding call. Overall her work was shoddy and her attitude disgusting. I would advise anyone wanting to use the services of cloud spa not to.
Singhar West End
Verified Customer on 07 Jun 2017
My appointment was cancelled 4 hours in advance and the suggested new time was 4 days later on Friday eve.
Do not trust this website. It is not synchronised with the diary at the clinic!!
Cloud Spa Gatwick Airport North Terminal
Verified Customer on 04 Jun 2017
Shame to complain, as the girl was lovely, but I have gel manicures every 3 weeks and have for years, but this was one of the worst I've had despite arriving one hour early for my appointment so that there wasn't such a rush. Cuticle work was great as was file etc, but the application of the gel varnish was very messy and less than 3 days after 4 nails lifted. Such a shame and an expensive gel manicure for the quality. I won't visit again, which is a real shame as I travel through that terminal very regularly and thought I'd found a gem. I'm gutted
Cloud Spa Gatwick Airport North Terminal
Verified Customer on 27 May 2017
Staff were friendly and efficient :) I arrived 25 minutes early for my appointment hoping they could start earlier but they were really busy so I had to wait until the allotted time. I had a gel mini-mani and my toes painted and shaped and I was really happy with how they looked. It would have been good if there were more beauticians available however.
Kathryn Berry on 12 Apr 2017
My appointment felt a little rushed and I didn't exactly feel relaxed or pampered throughout. We were disturbed twice whilst my therapist dealt with new arrivals at the salon - I appreciate they were understaffed and that this couldn't be helped, however it was a little frustrating that she didn't promptly return back to my appointment once she had dealt with the new customer.
In regards to the actual treatment, this wasn't the best I have experienced, and whilst I do understand that my therapist was an apprentice and I did not expect a perfect job, she did fail to paint the tips of my nails, meaning that the white of the nail is still showing - unfortunately this was not noticeable until I went outside.
Janet Ure on 11 Mar 2017
We were pleased with the results, the ambiance was good and the team were professional. But Cucumba had overbooked and some of our group had to wait mid treatment while someone else was served and this spoiled the experience.
CV Hair and Beauty
Emma Carter from Chorley on 07 Feb 2017
Booked last minute apt whilst working in London so not my usual salon. Excellent location and Ian was very helpful in deciding on the cut. Friendly staff. would recommend.