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Sophie Archer on 24 Apr 2018
Really thoughtful & careful of my skin when getting eyebrows shaped - I suffer from eczema on my face.
Ciara Murphy on 03 Jan 2018
Had a really good facial at cucumba! Really professional and great work!!didnt get my therapist name but she was so friendly and efficient!
Total Body Care
Verified Customer on 17 Dec 2017
The experience in the clinic I would give 5 stars. What is not so good is the website where you book a time and think the appointment is made but the clinic doesnt know anything about it. Staff were friendly and professional
Beauty Place Finchley
Karolina V on 20 Nov 2017
Amazing Therapist. Always knows what's the best for my skin. I'm very glad to found her. Cause now on she will be my loyal therapist.! Definately recommend for everyone who wants to have it fantastic, healthy skin.
Pure Synergie Covent Garden
Verified Customer on 11 Oct 2017
I came in the middle of rush hour and the clinic assistant was clearly in a hurry. I had a facial treatment and she didn't take the time to study my face before we started. A towel (to keep my hair out of the way) also covered a third of my face which I found stupid. And I shouldn't take off my make-up... But she was very nice, somehow managed to give me some advice to treat my skin and apologized for the hurry. So she new that it wasn't optimal. I don't know if I will go there again...
Pure Synergie Covent Garden
Cally Brown from London on 19 Sep 2017
I actually had a terrible experience at the salon. I have been using Pure Synergie for around 3 years, mainly in Greenwich for both hair and waxing treatments. I have recently started going to the Covent Garden branch as it's close to my new job. My experience has been good, however my most recent treatment has really put me off.

I came in for a Brazilian wax and left in quite a lot of pain. The wax was extremely hot and actually scalded my skin to the point it was bright red. I kept telling the therapist it was way too hot and was burning me, she turned it down and eventually off but continued with the treatment regardless without waiting for the wax to cool. She blew on it on the odd occasion but then carried on as normal, putting boiling hot wax on a very sensitive area and reapplying on my already scalded skin. I almost told her to stop but I was going on holiday the next day and didn't really want to be left with half a wax. I also didn't like the way she applied the wax, she seemed to apply a lot of wax over a very large area and pull it off in one go which is unlike any wax I've ever had before. I was also disappointed with the wax itself, some of the hair was still there in the underneath areas so this technique clearly wasn't very effective either.

The therapist did mention that it was her second day and she was a freelancer, unfortunately I didn't catch her name. I would be nervous to book at the salon again unless I could guarantee I didn't get her as a therapist again.