The Massage Booking massage studio at Holistic Works, West Hampstead

The Massage Booking massage studio at Holistic Works

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4 Hands Massage 4 Hands Massage is an exceptionally luxurious treatment where you get double the value and pleasure for your money. It is performed with two lovely therapists whose hands touch you simultaneously, mirroring each others' movements. During the session therapists are using various gentle strokes and long movements on your body to put your mind at ease. The synchronized strokes will stimulate all your body and will help you to let go of all troubles.

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4 Hands Massage (30 mins)
4 Hands Massage (1 hour)
4 Hands Massage (1 hr 30 mins)

Anti Cellulite Massage

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Anti Cellulite Massage (1 hour)
Anti Cellulite Massage (1 hr 30 mins)

Aromatherapy Massage Each essential oils, applied during aromatherapy treatments, have their own therapeutic benefit. Some of the most commonly used oils are Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Ylang-Ylang and Bergamot. Lavender oil, being the most versatile oil among those, is the most popular essential oil because it has several health benefits. It is used to reduce stress and anxiety, heals burns and cuts, improves sleep, alleviates headaches, improves skin conditions such as eczema and acne, balances blood sugar and helps your body produce antioxidants.

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Aromatherapy Massage (30 mins)
Aromatherapy Massage (1 hour)
Aromatherapy Massage (1 hr 30 mins)

Deep Tissue Massage Deep Tissue Massage is a technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It aims to relieve tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas, either following or going across the fiber's of the muscles and fascia.

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Deep Tissue Massage (30 mins)
Deep Tissue Massage (1 hour)
Deep Tissue Massage (1 hr 30 mins)
Deep Tissue Massage (2 hours)

Foot Massage

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Foot Massage (20 mins)
Foot Massage (30 mins)
Foot Massage (45 mins)

Head & Face Massage

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Head & Face Massage (20 mins)
Head & Face Massage (30 mins)
Head & Face Massage (45 mins)

Lomi Lomi Massage Lomi Lomi is a unique experience that some people describes as feeling like gentle waves moving over the body, hence it is suitable for the lovers of ultimate relaxation. Recipients often experience an emotional release during the treatment because it gets rid of negative emotions and the healing process continues even after the session is over.

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Lomi Lomi Massage (30 mins)
Lomi Lomi Massage (1 hour)

Neck Back & Shoulder Massage

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Neck Back & Shoulder Massage (20 mins)
Neck Back & Shoulder Massage (30 mins)
Neck Back & Shoulder Massage (45 mins)

Sports Massage Sport Massage is highly recommended for sportsmen and women as well as others who exercise regularly whether they are injured or not. It can prevent future injuries, improve recovery from training, restore or heal injured and tight muscles, boost performance and maintain the body in a good, healthy condition.

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Sports Massage (30 mins)
Sports Massage (1 hour)
Sports Massage (1 hr 30 mins)

Swedish Massage Swedish Massage is a holistic, hands-on treatment that uses a variety of stroking, sliding, kneading, tapping, shaking and other flowing movements over the body that promotes deep relaxation and comfort by reducing stress, muscular tension and anxiety. Swedish Massage has countless beneficial effects that improves circulation, invigorates the body, soothes sore and stiff muscles, boosts your energy level and immune system. Also, it is traditionally used to treat migraine, stress or insomnia.

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Swedish Massage (30 mins)
Swedish Massage (1 hour)

The Massage Booking massage studio at Holistic Works

The Massage Booking massage studio at Holistic Works Opening Hours

About Us

Price Range: from £20.00 - £99.00

Our success as a mobile massage company has created our very own massage studio in West London.

We use pure, organic and high quality massage oils that are non-scented and feel luxurious on your skin.We select our massage oils carefully because it is important that those oils applied during treatments are non-allergenic and of premium quality that suit all skin types.

The most popular oils among massage therapists are sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil and cocoa butter. Sweet almond oil has a pale yellow colour and no scent and is very widely used in massage because of its smooth, medium-heavy texture that allows hands to glide easily. However, people with nut allergies are best to avoid them. Grapeseed oil is full of antioxidants and its moisturizing and anti aging quality makes it great for massages and is easily absorbed into the skin. Coconut oil is also liked by many, it is a great, non-greasy carrier oil that helps to maintain a healthy, youthful skin and feels amazing on your body when warmed up.

We can also offer you the finest blends of scented massage oils for aromatherapy, that will suit your skin type and mood During aromatherapy massage these special blends of scented aromatherapic oils are used that contain essential oils like levander, rose or sandalwood.