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Dry Styling Treatments

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Blow Dry (Stylist)
Longer Blow Dry (Stylist)
Blow Dry (Senior Stylist)
Longer Blow Dry (Senior Stylist)
Blow Dry (Style Director)
Longer Blow Dry (Style Director)

Hair Colouring Treatments

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Natural Glossing (Technician)
Natural Glossing (Senior Technician)
Tint Regrowth (Technician)
Natural Glossing (Technical Director)
Tint Regrowth (Senior Technician)
T-Section Highlights (Technician)
Tint Regrowth (Technical Director)
Tint Regrowth and Fresh (Technician)
T-Section Highlights (Senior Technician)
Tint Regrowth and Fresh (Senior Technician)
Tint Regrowth and Fresh (Technical Director)
Full Head Tint (Technician)
T-Section Highlights (Technical Director)
Full Head Tint (Senior Technician)
Full Head Tint (Technical Director)
Half Head Highlights (Technician)
Pre-Lighten (Technician)
Half Head Highlights (Senior Technician)
Pre-Lighten (Senior Technician)
Half Head Highlights (Technical Director)
Full Head Highlights (Technician)
Pre-Lighten (Technical Director)
Full Head Highlights (Senior Technician)
Full Head Highlights (Technical Director)

Hair Cutting Treatments

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Fringe Trim
Men's Cut and Blow Dry (Stylist)
Men's Cut and Blow Dry (Senior Stylist)
Ladies Cut and Blow Dry (Stylist)
Men's Cut and Blow Dry (Style Director)
Ladies Cut and Blow Dry (Senior Stylist)
Ladies Cut and Blow Dry (Style Director)

Hair Treatments

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Label.m Lab Remedy Treatment
Texturising (Technician)
Texturising (Senior Technician)
Texturising (Technical Director)
Keratin Soothing Treatment

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Price Range: from £5.00 - £175.00

A celebrated hairdresser himself, Francesco Mascolo had taught all of his sons to cut hair from an early age and despite Toni’s interest in academic studies and a desire to pursue a career in law, his move to London put an end to that dream and Toni began working as his father’s assistant in a busy London salon.

Toni soon realised how much he enjoyed working as a hairdresser and continued to work alongside his father building a large clientele at Viccari’s salon in Cox Street, Mayfair. When this salon was sold, Francesco secured a place at the award-winning Renato’s in Dover Street, where Guy his younger son joined him to fulfill his apprenticeship.

Following three days of unemployment (the only such period in his lifetime), a young Toni Mascolo grew a moustache to create a more ‘mature’ appearance and became the manager of South London salon, Gerard’s, at just 16. Always keen to better himself, it wasn’t long before Toni moved back to Victoria Street, near Westminster, enjoying a high profile clientele and working gruelling fourteen-hour-long days in an effort to save enough money to buy his mother a house of her own. Meanwhile, Guy moved back to South London where his talent saw him headhunted to join busy Clapham salon, Cecile Moss.

12th December 1962 saw the tragic loss of their beloved mother and the realisation for Toni and Guy that they would now have to support their father and three younger brothers, the youngest of which, Anthony, was just five years old.


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Great as usual rhanks


02 Apr 2019

Always 10/10 for Sadie


15 Mar 2019

Very relaxing experience. So friendly.


07 Mar 2019

Great as always, thanks Sadie


02 Mar 2019

Excellent helpful and good experience - thank you


20 Feb 2019

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