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Body Treatment

Body Treatments Experience smooth looking and feeling gorgeous with our scrubs and body treatments

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Cappuccino back scrub (20 mins)
Marine Salt Back Scrub (20 mins)
Back Scrub with Massage (45 mins)
Cappuccino Full Body Scrub (40 mins)
Marine Salt Full Body Scrub (50 mins)
No Needle Mesotherapy Body (1 hour)
Universal Contour Wrap - Single Treatment (2 hr 15 mins)
Universal Contour Wrap - Course of 3 Treatments (2 hr 15 mins)

Body Wrap

Caviar Body Modelling After an invigorating exfoliation, Caviar or Modelling serum combined with Caviar Body gel wrap improves the loss elasticity and eliminates edema. The treatment is completed with a delightfully relaxing massage using a Caviar Body mousse or Modelling cream to re-energise and restore vitality, giving the skin a silky glow.

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(1 hr 10 mins)
Caviar Body Modelling

Brows and Lashes

Eyebrows & Eyelashes Your eyes are like a mirror and what you see in them is your reflection….lets make them glow.

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Eyebrow Tint (15 mins)
Eyelash Tint (15 mins)
Eyebrow Tint & Shape (25 mins)
Eyebrow & Lash Tint (30 mins)

Threading Gentle approach to facial hair removal

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Chin (10 mins)
Neck (10 mins)
Sides of Face (10 mins)
Forehead (10 mins)
Upper Lip (10 mins)
Eyebrow (15 mins)
Lip & Chin (10 mins)
Full Face Threading (20 mins)


Chemical Peels Peels renew the skin and allow the top/older layers to peel away leaving a fresher younger skin

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Glycolic Acid Peel (30 mins)
Depigmi Whitening Peel (40 mins)

Facials Our facials are varied and we customise it to suit your individual needs and concerns.

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Express Facial (35 mins)
Eco Stem Cell (1 hour)
Ultrasonic Skin Peel (45 mins)
LED Light Therapy (1 hour)
Age Reform Facial - Caviar (1 hour)
Age Reform Facial - Diamond Lift (1 hour)
Brightening Facial - Giga White (1 hour)
Brightening Facial - Power Vitamin C (1 hour)
Skin Soother - Eco Stem Cells (1 hour)
Skin Soother - Regan Sensi Calming (1 hour)
Anti Acne Deramsebum (1 hour)
Microdermabrasion (1 hour)
Needle Free Mesotherapy Face (1 hour)


Massages The word comes from the Arabic “Massa” meaning “to touch, feel or handle”. We are here to re energise and promote healing leaving you with positive energies to begin a new day……

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Anti Ageing Facial Massage (30 mins)
Indian Head Massage (25 mins)
Aroma Coconut Body Massage (1 hour)
Swedish Massage (1 hour)
Deep Tissue Massage (1 hour)
Hot Stone Massage (1 hour)


Nails Manicure and Pedicures available at Vitalia Beauty & Wellness

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Express Manicure (15 mins)
Express Pedicure (15 mins)
Nail Art (1 hour)
Manicure (40 mins)
Shellac Nails (30 mins)
Manicure with Hand Peel Treatment (1 hour)
Pedicure (45 mins)
Shellac Nails with Shellac Removal (45 mins)
Luxury Callus Peel (1 hr 15 mins)
Luxury Pedicure with Mask (1 hr 5 mins)
Shellac Nails with Acrylic Removal (1 hour)


Sienna X Spray Tan Quick and effective tanning that’s skin friendly

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(25 mins)
Sienna X Spray Tan


Male Waxing Male waxing choices

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Under Arm Wax (10 mins)
Full Leg Wax (45 mins)
Full Arms Including Shoulder, Hands & Fingers (35 mins)
Back Wax (30 mins)
Chest Wax (30 mins)
Full Body Wax (2 hr 15 mins)

Strip Waxing Strip waxing options at Vitalia Beauty & Wellness

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Chin Wax (10 mins)
Upper Lip Wax (10 mins)
Bikini line Wax (10 mins)
Chin & Upper Lip Wax (10 mins)
Under Arm Wax (10 mins)
Ladies Stomach Wax (15 mins)
Upper Lip & Chin (15 mins)
Extended Bikini (15 mins)
Half Arm Wax (15 mins)
Half Leg Wax (15 mins)
Ladies Back Wax (15 mins)
Half Leg Wax (15 mins)
Ladies Back Wax (15 mins)
Full Arm Wax (20 mins)
Full Arm Wax (20 mins)
3/4 Leg Wax (20 mins)
Full Arms (30 mins)
Full Leg Wax (30 mins)
Half Leg with Extended Bikini Lycon Wax (30 mins)
Full Face - Lycon wax plus Eyebrow Thread (35 mins)
Full Leg Incl Bikini Wax (30 mins)
Brazilian Wax (20 mins)
Hollywood Wax (25 mins)
Full Leg & Brazilian (45 mins)
Full Body Wax (1 hr 15 mins)
Full Leg with Hollywood Wax (50 mins)

Vitalia Beauty & Wellness

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About Us

Price Range: from £4.00 - £200.00

Vitalia are a team of beauty professionals from different cultures and countries, that have come together to share our experience, knowledge and passion to provide you with the highest standards of treatments.

This salon offers hair removal, facials and body treatments such as body exfoliation and body wraps.