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The Beach Tanning Surbiton

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Price Range: from £4.00 - £99.00

Searching for “tanning salon Surbiton”? At a convenient location in Surbiton, a haven of tropical paradise where you can build a tan safely and escape from the day.

The Beach takes tanning salons to a whole new level of experience and quality. When you step in, you’ll be transported via a stunning beach-themed décor to a holiday dream. If you’re heading off on holiday, getting your base tan in The Beach is the best way to kickstart building a beautiful deep tan while you’re away. Or you may be maintaining your holiday tan – in which case there’s nothing like stepping into a mini-paradise. If you’re thinking of your summer wardrobe, our tanning salon offers the chance to go from pale to bronzed while having a fun experience.


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5.0 Overall Review Score

Love it, very professional


07 Apr 2019

Fabulous stuff, thanks very much!


02 Mar 2019