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Laser Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal We use the latest Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Quick Pulsed Light (QPL) technology to perform hair reduction on all areas of the body. After your consultation you will be advised on the type of treatment necessary, the system which will be used and how it will be used to effectively destroy hair follicles for maximum results.

EpiSoft IPL removes hair from all skin types and hair colours except white hair, which has no pigmentation to absorb the light. IPL treatments are safe, effective, virtually painless, approved by the FDA and offer clinically proven results. Even thick, dark hair responds well to treatment.

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Note from Venue

Patch test is required.

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Extra Small Areas - 1 Session
Small Areas - 1 Session
Medium Areas - 15 Sessions
Large Areas - 1 Session
Extra Large Areas - 1 Session
Extra Small Areas - 6 Sessions
Small Areas - 6 Sessions
Extra Small Areas - 10 Sessions
Medium Areas - 10 Sessions
Small Areas - 10 Sessions
Extra Small Areas - 15 Sessions
Large Areas - 6 Sessions
Medium Areas - 6 Sessions
Small Areas - 15 Sessions
Extra Large Areas - 6 Sessions
Medium Areas - 1 Session
Large Areas - 10 Sessions
Extra Large Areas - 10 Sessions
Large Areas - 15 Sessions
Extra Large Areas - 15 Sessions

Body Treatment

Colonic Hydrotherapy Anyone with a history of consuming a Western diet or one containing many refined or processed foods can benefit from colon cleansing and colonic hydrotherapy. The importance of the direct relationship between colon health and general health cannot be overemphasized. A colonic treatment lasts between 45 and 60 minutes; new patients may take a little longer. We have both a male and a female therapist. Patient modesty is always preserved. Filtered water is fed into the colon under extremely low pressure (far lower than is typically seen during normal defecation) ensuring there is no discomfort and, importantly, no danger of bowel perforation. In combination with massage techniques, the water helps to soften and detach faecal matter and encrusted deposits, which are piped away with the water soft

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Single Session
3 Sessions

Dema Renew

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Deep Cleansing Facial
Anti-Ageing Face Only
Neck & Chest - Fine Lines
Acne Treatment - Face Only
Anti- Ageing Face & Neck


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Body Stocking
Course of 10 Treatments

Mesotherapy Mesotherapy treatment is the process of using injectables to remove fatty cells. Treatments are quick.

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Double Chin
Facial Anti-Ageing
Eye Pads
Lower Abdomen
Upper Abdomen
Inner Thighs
Full Legs & Buttocks

PermaLift Non Surgical Breast Enhancement ncrease your breast size by up to two cup sizes, without Surgery. Completely Non invasive treatment with fantastic results.

The treatment itself lasts approximately 45 minutes and we recommend a course of 6 to 10 treatments twice weekly for optimum results. First the breasts are treated with Microcurrent which works on the breast muscles, increasing the muscle tone and thus making the breasts lift and become firmer. This is followed by the vacuum. Specially designed cups are placed over each breast and they are pumped up with the vacuum. The cups are left in place for about half an hour, it may feel slightly uncomfortable and a little strange but is not painful. The vacuum increases the blood flow into the breast tissue and this increases the volume by opening the capillaries. The breasts become enlarged immediately following the treatment, but for a more permanent effect a course of treatment is recommended.

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1 Session
6 Session

PermaSculpt RF

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Upper Arms
Abdomen & Sides
Upper legs

PermaSculpt+ (3in1) Permasculpt+ is our UK Developed 3 in 1 system which uses Ultrasound caviation, Radio Frequency (RF) and Vacuum Lympthatic Drainage (VLD). RF can be used to reduce fatty tissue as well as tightening skin during treatment. RF can be used on small and large areas. Depending on the person, you may require multiple sessions per month.

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Abdomen & Sides
Upper Legs

UltraSculpt Ultrasound Ultrasculpt is our UK Developed system which uses Ultrasound cavitation technology to rapidly reduce fatty tissue. Ultrasound can be used over large and small areas. Treatment is painless. Depending on the person, you may require multiple sessions per month.

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Abdomen & Sides
Upper legs


Facial PermaSculpt RF

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Express Facial
Vitamin Steam Peel
Bespoke Facial
Micro Current Facial Treatment

IPL Photo Rejuvenation Facial treatment for thread veins, roscea, age sots & pigmentation

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IPL Photo Rejuvenation

PhotoSculpt (IPL + RF) & Derma Renew Non surgical face lift

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PhotoSculpt (IPL + RF) & Derma Renew


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